The Babylon Project

The Icehouse was a secret Psi Corps facility located on the Jovian moon, Ganymede.

In November 2256, the facility was rocked by an explosion, in which Alfred Bester was wounded. Claiming that one of military officer Johnston's guards turned on Director Johnston during a late night meeting, Bester shot the guard in the leg before he set off a bomb. The damaged modular section quickly flooded and Bester had only just been able to escape before it auto-detached to save the rest of the complex, though the Director was not as lucky. Officially the bombing was blamed on the Telepath Resistance. Unknown to anyone besides Bester's inner circle, it was actually Bester who staged the assassination, spending years planting telepathic triggers in Johnston's aides.[1]

In early 2265, Lyta Alexander scaned a high ranking Corps official and learned of the existence of the Icehouse facility on Ganymede. A Resistance strike force lead by Lyta Alexander invaded the secret base and managed to disable the self-destruct before the data archive was destroyed, though all of the Psi Cops committed suicide before they can be captured and scanned. The resistance forces soon discovered a partially encrypted file from Mr. Vacit and learned of Mr. Diamond's expedition to find the place where telepaths had been created.[2]