Ikarra VII is a world in Sector 300. Once home to the advanced Ikarran civilization, it has since become a desolate world.[1]


Near the 13th century (around the time of the First Shadow War), the Ikarrans were invaded a half-dozen times from different alien races. They decided to create a kind of war machine that would repel the increasingly destructive invaders. Developed from organic technology, these weapons were successful, however, programmed only to respond to the nonexistent "pure Ikarran," they turned on the Ikarrans and wiped out their race. With no one left to tend to them, they wore out and died. The world became uninhabited afterwards.

In 2258, Earth Alliance corporation IPX sponsored a dig on Ikarra VII led by Dr. Vance Hendricks who had a theory that the world was once home to a space-faring civilization, which wasn't known at the time. During, him and his team, which included Nelson Drake, found a number of artifacts in a vault buried nearly a mile beneath the surface. The team spent several months on the surface digging them out. The artifacts turned out to be from the remaining war machine that wasn't activated a thousand years prior.[1]


  • The timing of the Ikarran extinction combined with a planet fighting against repeated invasions and their use of organic technology may indicate that they had some involvement with, or possibly assistance from the Shadows.
  • While the warmachines wiped out the native sentient species, it's possible the flora and fauna native of Ikarra VII was spared. Hence, while the race is dead, the world itself still supports life.