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The Iksha Baronies are a member race of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and one of the many affected by the Dilgar invasion of the Non-Aligned sectors in 2230. Fish-like in appearance, the Ipsha are distinguishable by their scaly heads and bodies.[1]


An Iksha vessel

In 2258, during the "Deathwalker incident", the Iksha government sent a ship to Babylon 5 to attempt to secure the war criminal Jha'dur.[2]


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.
Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Agents of Gaming Strategic Game and contradicts canon sources.

In non-canon sources, the Iksha are called the Ipsha, and the Iksha Baronies are called the Ipsha Baronies. The most important difference is that unlike in canon where the Iksha are amphibious fish-like humanoids, in the non-canon sources they are literally starfish aliens, in both physiology and in form.

Ispha Race[]

Proto-Ipsha evolved in the shallows of coral reefs, eventually becoming air-breathers. The Ipsha resemble columns of tissue that are radially symmetrical like a starfish, ringed with eyes and arms. An Ipsha can have anywhere from 6 to 16 arms, dependent on the sub-species. Each of the arms terminates into a cluster of small tentacles, which are capable of fine manipulation. The Ispha are one of the completely non-humanoid intelligences in the galaxy. Only a few of the major or League races have ever encountered an Ispha in the flesh. Due to them being so different from most of the intelligences in the galaxy, if a race is not warned they will often not recognized the Ipsha as sentient beings.


The history of the Ipsha is one of streches of peace that are interupted by periods of war, ones that are waged with increasingly advancing technology. The final wars resulted in the planet being controlled by five nations, known as the five great "Baronies", which remained the status quo since. None of the baronies speak for the entire planet, therefore one barony may sign a treaty with a race and another barony declares war on the same race. Surprising races who assume that the planet is governed by a single government. Like the Abbai who discovered that only one of the five Ipsha governments had jointed the League, though eventually the other four also joined.

Starfish alien (Ipsha)


Ipsha society is a feudalistic one, which is hereditary in which its castes are determined by sub-species and therefore having more arms equals greater prestige. In their society, the more arms that an Ipsha has, the greater his power within the government or any other organization that he joins. The rarest sub-species are the sixteen-armed Ispha, who reproduce less often than the lower classes. Mutations sometimes occur that result in more than 16 arms who are sterile. They are treated by the Ipsha with reverence, and nearly always end up in leadership positions. Each barony has a slightly different government type, but a feudal one whose baron is the ultimtate leader. Overseeing the counties in his domain are various lords, who form the Council of Lords that deals with matters of great importance. The baron may defer to the Council, but has the supreme veto power, though using it too often is dangerous as it risks the Council's uprising.