The Babylon Project
Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.
Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Agents of Gaming Strategic Game and contradicts canon sources.

The Iksha Fleet is the space force of the Iksha Baronies.


The Ipsha have a formidable fleet, one that was unknown to the rest of the galalxy until after 2262. The only ships that other alien races encountered outside of Ipsha space were the War Globes. When the Redhelms, raiding aliens from beyond the Rim, attacked Babylon 5, it was learned that the Ipsha had suffered losses at the hands of the Redhelms. Afterwards several Interstellar Alliance member races went to the Ipsha Baronies to help them rebuild their defenses. Where they discovered that the Ipsha fleet possessed several varieties of warships, including fighters, patrol boats, and at least one massive dreadnought. All of which used singularities for their energy sources. It was unknown as to why the Ipsha had such a formidable military and why it hadn't been used against other races, but their neighbors have kept a close eye on them ever since.


In the Ipsha military there are neither officers nor enlisted men. Ship crews are arranged soley by social standing. Those with more arms are given positions of command, even if the individual is not good at the job. Commanders who prove themselves unskilled are eventually relieved of their military position, and given a civilian position. This can take time and some of them are able to hide their incompetence. Which at times resulted in the Ipsha losing to inferior enemy forces during the Dilgar War and League Wars of the Shadow period, despite the Ipsha possessing advanced technology. In recent years, the Ipsha have implemented a more intense training program, but leadership within their ships is still restricted to the members of the higher classes.


  • War Globe
  • Warsphere
  • Carrier Cube
  • Battlehex
  • Tetraship
  • Urchin Heavy Fighter