In the Beginning is the second of six Babylon 5 TV movies. It is set primarily in December 2278 ostensibly on Londo’s final day alive, looking back on events preceding, during and shortly after the Earth-Minbari War.


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The story of the Earth-Minbari War is told from the memories of G'Kar, Delenn and Londo Mollari.

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This TV Movie was released with four others and some limited special features on Region 1 DVD. For more information see:

This TV Movie was released with five others and some limited special features on Region 2 DVD. For more information see:

This TV Movie was released on a single DVD with no Special Features on Region 2 DVD. For More Information see:


The novelization of Babylon 5: In the Beginning was published in 1998 and written by Peter David.


The film raises a few questions that at first glance appear to contradict the established version of events.

  • Of particular note are the details surrounding the destruction of the Black Star. Specifically, in "Points of Departure," Sheridan states the following: "I hit on the idea of mining the asteroid field between Jupiter and Mars. A fusion bomb doesn't have to lock on to anything if it's close enough. It took out the Black Star and three heavy cruisers before they could escape."
While no information is given within the movie as to the timing and location of the battle, the Black Star appears to be alone and the three heavy cruisers Sheridan mentions are nowhere to be seen. The only clue to the timing of the event comes, again, from "Points of Departure", when Sheridan mentions that it has been twelve years (from early 2259) since the incident. This places it in 2247, which is consistent with Ivanova's age at the time (see below.)
  • Ivanova's age is sometimes brought up as being inconsistent, but this is incorrect. Her birth year is established in "Eyes" as 2230, while "Sic Transit Vir" establishes that she enlisted in 2247, making her sixteen (a few months short of seventeen) during the scene between her and Ganya Ivanov.
  • Confusion surrounding Ivanova's age comes from the episodes "TKO" and "The Long Night". In "TKO", Rabbi Koslov states that the death of Susan's mother was a year prior to Ganya's, placing Susan in her early to mid teens, as above, while Susan's own account of the incident in "The Long Night" leaves one with the impression that she was just a small child at the time.

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  • The scene that featured a brief confrontation between Lenonn and Morann in Delenn's quarters was trimmed down from what was originally scripted and shot. The exchange was originally much more heated and culminated in Lenonn drawing his pike on Morann before Delenn can get between them and order Morann out.
  • This was the second and final time after season 1 that Mira Furlan filmed flashback scenes in her original full Minbari makeup (the other being the season 4 episode "Atonement").


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