The Babylon Project

In the Beginning is the novelization of the TV movie of the same name, written by Peter David.


The Battle of the Line is infamous in Earth history as the climactic campaign in a long and bloody war between Humankind and the alien Minbari race. But how did this apocalyptic conflict erupt? And how did this fateful clash of two civilizations ultimately lead to the creation of the Babylon 5 space station? Here, at last, the great space epic unfolds--in a new novel based on the first full-length Babylon 5 television movie.

Eager to expand their trade with other worlds, the people of planet Earth attempt to make contact with the mysterious Minbari, a race of proud and powerful warriors. But when communication turns to violence, Earth becomes the target of a latter-day holy war, waged by a civilization possessing vastly superior numbers and firepower.

And the Minbari will stop at nothing short of the total extermination of its enemy: the Human race...



  • The novelization of Babylon 5: In the Beginning included several scenes not seen in the final film such as a brief encounter between Sinclair and Sheridan at a transit station, Jankowski's short lived gloating towards Sheridan and Sterns over his "victory" over the Minbari, his trial, court-martial and ultimate fate. Revealed some of the background and motivations to some of the characters along with the source of much of Londo's knowledge surrounding these events.
  • A fleeting encounter between Sinclair and Sheridan at the transit station would appear to be at odds with their shared background as described in "To Dream in the City of Sorrows". According to which, Sinclair first met Sheridan a decade or so earlier during his first year at the Earthforce Academy. The scene is however ambiguous enough that it's possible the pair simply didn't recognise one another at that point. Also, in "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" Sinclair does indeed note that he and Sheridan "ran across each other a couple of times after that, during the war and right after, but only briefly each time."
  • The novel also reveals the names of characters that appeared in the film, but were not named in dialogue or the credits; such as the "Centauri Woman" (Senna) and the "Presidential Aide" (Hastur).
  • The novel reveals that Anna Sheridan's maiden name was Keller.
  • The novel refers to John and Elizabeth Sheridan's mother as Nancy. Other sources refer to her as Miranda.[1]