"I like Humans. Some of your people who come to Minbar seem to want to drop their Human ways, and act only Minbari. I don't understand that. There is much to admire in your ways of doing things. But I'm not typical of most Minbari, I should warn you of that. Maybe I have a Human soul that got lost somehow, and ended up on Minbar."

Inesval to Marcus Cole

Inesval was a Worker Caste Minbari from F'tach Islands, on Minbar.[1]

After the end of the Earth-Minbari War, Inesval spent three years on Earth with his father, a merchant. While there he became quite fluent in English and found that he very much liked the human world.

In early 2259 Inesval was working in the city of Yedor on Minbar, where he met Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair. Inesval was surprised when Sinclair approached him and attempted to speak to him in the language of the Worker Caste, something a Religious or Military Caste Minbari would never do. This gesture, along with the Ambassador's unpretentious "common touch" won him a lot of respect among the other Workers, and when he was finally installed as Anla'Shok Na, he did so on the condition that all Minbari, including Workers be allowed to join the Anla'Shok, a state of affairs that had not existed since the time of Valen, if at all.

Inesval was among the first volunteers to join Sinclair's new Rangers and became good friends with William Cole, who would often speak of his brother Marcus. After William's death at Arisia III, Inesval made a point to befriend Marcus, who had come to Minbar to honour his brother's final request. Inesval had a fondness for human culture, once joking that he may have been one in a past life, and thought that many of the humans who joined the Anla'Shok were too quick to abandon their own culture and try to act as though they were Minbari.


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