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"I met a Vorlon once. Do you know what they call us? Fabulists. Tellers of tales. Liars."

Ing-Radi to The Circle, 2258

Ing-Radi was a Kaitay techno-mage and one of the best healers in the order.


In 2258 she attended the convocation on Soom as one of The Circle. Galen noted that while she was elderly, even for a Kaitay, her appearance betrayed little sign of aging.[1]

After the deaths of Burell and Isabelle and the discovery of rogue Techno-mages on Brensil 4, Kell disclosed to The Circle that he had prior knowledge of the Shadows returning as well as his part in Elizar's deception. On December 31, 2258, Kell resigned his position as head of the order.

Ing-Radi, along with Herazade, was unsure if the Techno-mages were capable of fighting the Shadows. She waved off allying them with the Vorlons, as she did not believe they would ever work with the Techno-mage Order. She selected Blaylock's plan to go into hiding as the most suitable one.