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The Ingyo is the governing theocracy of the Yolu race, based on their homeworld Pa'ri.


The Yolu do not believe in a deity but they do believe there is a spiritual energy that they refer to it as "Coo-tah" which controls the destiny of all beings in the universe. Their government is based around this belief and as such the chief governing body, the Ingyo is the a council of fifteen priests, male and female, who have attained perfect harmony with the Coo-tah. Council members hold their positions for life and when one of its members die, they are replaced by a ritual choosing involving the entire Yolu race. Beneath this council are a series of specialized orders - a warrior group, an academic group, a business group etc. These orders advise the Ingyo, each within their particular area of specialization.

The Yolu government has proven to be very responsive to the needs of the Yolu people and has been stable for over 400 Earth years.


The Yolu achieved interstellar flight around 800 B.C. on the Earth calender. As such, by the time of the Third Age their technology was very advanced and they were quite adept at transport, communications, weaponry, medicine, agriculture, hyperspace and computer technology.


The Yolu have a considerable fleet which protects their homeworld and colonies. Their ships are fast, agile and adept at Hyperspace navigation. Their weapons effectiveness is matched only by their defence system and their gunners are considered to be some of the very best in the galaxy. Despite all of this, they are not an aggressive people and show no interest in conquest.


The Yolu have established two colony worlds.

  • Nemus: Planet in the Yolu home system.
  • Kitab III: Planet in a neighbouring system.


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