The Babylon Project

"Exploring the past to create a better future."

IPX slogan

Interplanetary Expeditions, or IPX, was a multi-planetary corporation which funded research and archaeological expeditions to explore ancient ruins and uncharted worlds in the interest of salvaging advanced technology from extinct civilizations.

Some have said that IPX was little more than a front for a bio-weapons division of Earthforce New Technologies.[2] The Icarus was an IPX mission to Z'ha'dum.[3]

The corporation's agreements with multiple planets outside of Earth's jurisdiction allowed it to provide needed food and supplies to Babylon 5 in defiance of the Clark administration's embargo on the station. The corporation provided supplies to Babylon 5 in exchange for access to the Thirdspace artifact.[4]

Known IPX Digs, Expeditions & Finds[]


  • IPX does not allow its employees paid vacation time.[5]