The Invasion of Ragesh III took place in early 2258, resulting in the Narn Regime retaking Ragesh III.


Penetrated the Minefield

The fighters penetrate the minefield

Ragesh III was originally a Narn colony, a claim recognised by even the Minbari Federation. However, in the early stages of the Centauri subjugation of the Narn, the Centauri annexed the planet and established their own agricultural colony there comprising around 5,000 civilians. The colony was protected by mines and a Space Station in orbit.

Early in 2258, the Narn Regime sent an invasion fleet to Ragesh III to retake the planet. This fleet included heavy cruisers and wave after wave of Frazi class fighters that penetrated the minefield and destroyed the station in orbit.

The civilians on the surface of the planet were held hostage. The supervisor of the agricultural outpost, Carn Mollari, was forced to broadcast the lie that the colony asked for Narn intervention.[1]

By April 2258, the Narn Regime agreed to settle the controversy over Ragesh III.[2]


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