"if there is a purpose...if there is a design...if there is a way...after I'm gone, I will call to you...and say your name...and send you a message. And you will know I was right."
– Isabelle to Galen

Isabelle was a Technomage and the lover of Galen.

The product of a union between her Technomage mother Burell and a non-mage, Isabelle spent most of her early life as Burell's apprentice - a common method for Technomage's to acquire an apprentice.[1]

Galen and Isabelle were injured and stranded on a planet after being betrayed by three other technomages. She soon succumbed to her injuries and died.[2][3]

She had long tried to find the Well of Forever within Hyperspace. In 2267 Galen found the Well of Forever and left her remains there.[4]



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