"if there is a purpose...if there is a design...if there is a way...after I'm gone, I will call to you...and say your name...and send you a message. And you will know I was right."

Isabelle to Galen

Isabelle was a techno-mage and the lover of Galen.


The product of a union between her techno-mage mother Burell and a non-mage, Isabelle spent most of her early life as Burell's apprentice - a common method for techno-mages to acquire an apprentice.[1]

Isabelle and Galen shared a brief but intense relationship toward the end of 2258.[1] Though the two were only involved for a short time, they developed a relationship in which they could speak volumes to one another without saying a word. As Galen would say of her "She would make you happy with one word, hello" Her abilites were as a techno-mage were at least on level with Galen.

Shortly after her initiation as a Techno-mage, she was partnered with Galen in an assignment to gather evidence of the Shadows' return by tracking the movements of their allies on her homeworld of Zafran 8. After being chased from there to Brensil 4, Isabelle was dealt a mortal blow by the rogue Techno-mage Elizar. Soon after this, she succumbed to her injuries and died. Just prior to dying, she reassured her distraught beloved, that if there was a way, that she would contact him from the afterlife.[1]

Galen remained bitter towards God afterwards. In 2267, Galen received a mysterious message on the Excalibur which could have been her promise fulfilled, though he angrily discarded the readout.[2] She had long believed that the Well of Forever existed, lost in Hyperspace. In 2267, Galen found the Well of Forever and left a small portion of her cremated remains there. [3]



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