"This is Captain J. Thompson of the Advanced Destroyer Group to enemy vessels."
"We have you surrounded. You are ordered to surrender your vessels or be destroyed."

Capt. Thompson to Cmdr. Ivanova

J. Thompson was an Earthforce Captain and a Clark loyalist.[1]

In 2261 Thompson led a group of Advanced Omega class destroyers to ambush the renegade Earthforce fleet in Sector 300. When Thompson's Destroyer Group jumped into normal space they were instead met with a fleet of White Stars led by Commander Susan Ivanova. Thompson demanded Ivanova's surrender due to the Advanced Omegas sheer overwhelming superiorty over the White Stars. She refused and told Thompson that she would be the last living thing he ever saw. After a fierce engagement, the White Stars due to extreme numbers managed to barely defeat the small group of Advanced Destroyers while the White Stars took extremely heavy losses. As a result Captain Thompson was destroyed onboard one of the 6 Advanced Omega destroyers, which ship exactly is unknown.


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