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"Jack O'Hannlon. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a very, very long time. I don't much think I care for it."

Monkey, 2180

Jack O'Hannlon was a rogue telepath and one-time leader of the Resistance against Psi Corps. To hide his identity, he took the codename "Monkey" from his favourite legend: Sun Wukong, The Monkey King.[1]


Though he didn't know it, Jack was the father of Brenna Alexander, who inherited his red hair. He and Desa Alexander were one-time lovers and Brenna came out of that relationship.

Though not related, Kevin Vacit was raised by Jack O'Hannlon from an early age after he was found wandering following the death of his mother, and when Vacit became Director of Psi Corps he entrusted his daughter, Fiona Dexter, to O'Hannlon to be raised in the Resistance.

He lived to be over 90 years. While in Malaysia, Jack killed himself with a powerful bomb to protect Fiona and ensure her escape. He ended up taking out two Psi Cops and four Psi Corps Hounds in his final act as the leader of the Telepath Resistance.

Jack O'Hannlon was a powerful telepath, but never submitted to any testing; his Psi-rating is thus unknown for certain, though Desa Alexander suspected him to be a P12 based on his abilities.

Family Tree[]

Unnamed Female--+--Unnamed Male | | Desa Alexander----+----Jack O'Hannlon | |_________ | | | (adopted) | Kevin Vacit | (See: Alfred Bester's Family Tree.) | Brenna Alexander--+--Unnamed Male | | Michelle Alexander--+--Unnamed Male | | Natasha Alexander--+--Unnamed Male | | Lyta's Mother--+--Unnamed Male | | Lyta Alexander


  • Jack O'Hannlon has the odd distinction of being the common familial link between Lyta Alexander and Alfred Bester. Lyta was his great-great-great-granddaughter descended from the daughter he conceived with Desa Alexander. Bester, though not related to O'Hannlon by blood, was his great-grandson by virtue of Monkey having adopted and raised both Bester's mother Fiona Davion and her father Kevin Vacit from a very young age.