James was an Earthforce officer and Captain.

James took command of the EAS Agamemnon. In 2261, he joined the Resistance during the Earth Alliance Civil War.[1] James engaged the EAS Orion and EAS Damocles along with the White Star fleet. Afterwards, Susan Ivanova decided to investigate the new advanced ships without him and the EA ships, as they were important symbolically for taking back Earth. James learned that John Sheridan had returned from captured, and allowed him to take command of the Agamemnon for the final push to Earth.[2] He then supported Sheridan during the Battle of Mars.[3] Sheridan expressed trust and affection for Captain James, whom he had trained and mentored. During subsequent battles, he functioned as executive officer to Sheridan as well as liaison to the fleet. Prior to Sheridan's assignment to Babylon 5 in 2259, he also served as the captain's XO.

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