The Babylon Project

Father James Cassidy was a Roman Catholic priest from Earth who came to Babylon 5 at the request of Colonel Elizabeth Lochley, to help with a seemingly supernatural problem.

Summoned to Babylon 5[]

In December 2271, Father Cassidy arrives on Babylon 5 on a cargo ship as it was the fastest mode of transport available. Immediately after his arrival, Cassidy and Lochley meet in her quarters, discussing various religious matters including the fall in influence of the Church. The conversation then turns to whether or not Father Cassidy feels qualified to perform an exorcism. Lochley then escorts Cassidy to a holding cell which contains security officer Simon Burke. En route, Cassidy questions whether or not Burke is psychologically sound as the answer to these cases tends to be more mundane than supernatural. Lochley and Cassidy then questioned Burke, in which they find out that Burke has indeed possessed by a demonic entity named Asmodeus. After this, they continue to investigate and the pair determine that Asmodeus possessed Burke to escape with the hope of being exorcised in space, as Asmodeus is normally confined to Earth. Lochley and Father Cassidy send Burke to Earth where Asmodeus will be purged from Burke.


Babylon 5: The Lost Tales[]