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James Riley was the attorney representing Jacob Mayhew.

In June 2263, Riley informed Lochley that the owner of the New Wave Holosystems Corporation was suing her for sending Security to investigate whether the holo-brothel's equipment was dangerous. He seemed absolutely certain that he could proceed and was confident that he would win, despite the frivolity of the lawsuit. He was quite smug and stuck-up and didn't seem to notice or care what was going or when he showed up, frequently interrupting Lochley in the middle of serious crises.

After the situation involving the Ralgan soul vessel was resolved, he went to Lochley to tell her that the charges against her had now gone from civil to criminal, due to her blowing up Mayhew's holo-brothel with a grenade. She then informed him that she and those under her commander are not legally responsible for damages incurred during military operation, due to clauses in the holo-brothel's lease which Riley had never bothered to read. She also showed him two dozen signed witness statements that the grenade was militarily necessary. As for the other charges, none of them would matter in court because Mayhew had illegally used her image without permission, which would require a countersuit that he could not win. Afterwards, she gave Riley the Love Bat that Corwin had bought for her, reprogrammed to speak insulting phrases to make a fool out of him.[1]


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