Jane was one of the main ISN anchors.[1]


Jane, mid-2258

Jane in 2258

In early 2258, Jane was one of the ISN anchors covering the election race between incumbent Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago and challenger Marie Crane.[1] Later that year she covered President Santiago's visit to Babylon 5 and the presentation of a new squadron of fighters.[2] On New Year's Day, 2259, Jane was live on air expecting a speech from the President aboard Earthforce One when the ship blew up near the Station Io Transfer point.[3]

In mid 2259, following the conclusion of the Narn-Centauri War, Jane reported on Earthforce's Operation Sudden Death from the ISN broadcast center, introducing a field report from Tonia Wallace, embedded with the 356th Infantry Division.[4] Later that year Jane reported on the effective extinction of the Markab race, following the devastating outbreak of Drafa Plague.[5]

In 2260, Jane reported on President Morgan Clark's martial law decree and the subsequent chaos following the dissolution of the Earth Senate and General William Hague's attempted coup.[6] A few days later, while reporting on Earthgov's bombing of civilian targets on the Mars colony in retaliation for Xavier Montoya's refusal to implement the martial law decree, Jane was interrupted by her co-anchor Rick who announced that armed troops were storming the ISN broadcast center in Geneva, attempting to prevent them reporting the fact that Orion VII and Proxima III has seceded from the Earth Alliance in protest over the Mars bombings.[7]

Jane and several of her co-workers were arrested, imprisoned and interrogated under charges of sedition and disloyalty. Over a year later in November 2261, the Earth Alliance Civil War was over and Jane was released and returned to her job. Her first report covered the Liberation of Earth by a multi-planetary coalition led by renegade Captain Sheridan and the suicide of President Clark in his office at Earthdome.[8] In the following days she also reported on the surprise dissolution of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and the formation of the Interstellar Alliance, the invitation for Earth to join the new Alliance and the beginning of an inquiry ordered by acting President Susanna Luchenko on the abuses committed under the Clark Regime.[9]

In 2267, Jane was still working for ISN and reported on the quarantine of Earth following the Drakh attack and the subsequent effects on the planetary economy.[10][11]


  • Jane is by far the most consistently seen ISN reporter, appearing in every season of Babylon 5 (including the second pilot) as well as three episodes of Crusade.
  • Along with Stephen Franklin, she is one of only two characters to appear in all five seasons of Babylon 5 and Season 1 of Crusade.



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