The Babylon Project

Janice Rosen is the daughter of Dr. Laura Rosen.


Deeply loyal to her mother, Janice followed her into space after Dr. Rosen lost her medical license. Arriving on Babylon 5, Janice assists her mother in conducting operations of her mother's illegal clinic in Downbelow. Her mother used a alien healing device to heal sick patients, giving some of her own life force to heal patients (unbeknown to Janice). Janice helped earn extra money by working as a saleswoman at a kiosk in the Zocalo. She is at first annoyed with Dr. Stephen Franklin after he calls her mother a "quack," but once he realizes she is genuine and apologizes to her mother, Janice comes to be friends with him.

An escaped serial killer, Karl Mueller, breaks into the Rosen quarters. He threatens Janice at gunpoint to force her mother to use the machine to heal him from injuries sustained during his escape. When Laura realizes he will kill them both anyway, she uses the machine to suck the lifeforce out of him, healing herself from Lake's Syndrome in the process.

Laura is exonerated of any wrongdoing, much to Janice's joy. After turning over the alien healing device to Dr. Franklin, mother prepares to leave the station to start a new life, and daughter confirms a dinner date with Dr. Franklin.