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"Continue to dream. You dream for us all."

Jenimer's last words to Jeffrey Sinclair

Jenimer was a Minbari elder and scholar of the Religious Caste who was chosen as the new Chosen One and leader of the Grey Council after Delenn's rejection of the title, ten cycles after the loss of Dukhat.

During Jenimer's induction ceremony, newly arrived Earth Alliance Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair was arrested and charged with plotting to assassinate the Chosen One. Found guilty by the tribunal, Sinclair offered his own life in lieu of another War with Earth, as per ancient Minbari tradition. Following this offer of ultimate sacrifice, Jenimer stepped forward and granted Sinclair a full pardon. [1][2][3][4]

In the many years since the death of Dukhat the position became little more than a figurehead. Certain members of the Grey Council having become used to ruling their people without a single leader with overriding authority for more than a decade, decided they did not want to relinquish that power. Still, Jenimer was able to install Earth Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair as the new head of the Anla'Shok, with the support of Satai Rathenn and Delenn, Anla'Shok Na Turval and in the presence of Vorlon Ambassadors Kosh and Ulkesh. Sadly Jenimer's health quickly worsened throughout the year and by August he had passed away. Those present at his deathbed included his wife, children, many of the caste Elders and members of the Grey Council including Satais Rathenn and Neroon as well as Anla'Shok Na Sinclair. Before his passing Jenimer relayed his last edict to Neroon, stating that Jeffrey Sinclair should be inducted as Entil'Zha of the Anla'Shok, fulfilling Valen's prophecy. [5]