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Jenny Winters was a human telepath born in 2176.[1]


Jenny was born in Vermont, but soon moved to England where her father turned in her mother for being a telepath. Fleeing Psi Corps, Jenny's mother took them to the Indian Consortium before moving on again to Amazonia, where the young girl learned Portuguese. While living in Amazonia, Jenny's mother got a job performing illegal scans. Jenny speculated it was because of her mother's job that she was not T-tested in school for telepathic abilities.

Around roughly 2186, while still living in Amazonia, Jenny's mother died. The company that her mother worked for promised to take care of her, though instead the young girl was sold to Achilles Robert Farber, a particularly twisted individual who made full use of her psi ability to abuse the girl both mentally and physically. As a result of her tortured existence, Jenny began drinking and sniffing paint as a means to cope with the abuse. She was eventually rescued from Mr. Farber's house by Stephen Walters, Fiona and Matthew Dexter who took her with them into the underground.

On July 21, 2189, she began a diary which began to chronicle her life within the Telepath Resistance. On September 3, 2189, while staying at the underground's fortress safe-house at the Styx Hotel, Jenny was present when Fiona and Matthew Dexter came back out of hiding and revealed that they had had a child, Stephen Kevin Dexter. Shortly after Jenny was picked up by Psi Corps in a nearby town while attempting to steal some booze. A deep scan quickly turned up the location of the Styx as their eastern base of operations and while Jenny was sent off to be re-educated, MetaPol launched a devastating raid that resulted in the death of the Dexters and the capture of their child. Jenny's diary fell into the hands of Kevin Vacit himself, through which he learned of his grandson, Stephen Dexter.


  • Talia Winters was presumably Jenny's descendant, as families within the Corps tended to pass their surname along the mitochondrial (maternal) line.