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"I don't have many heroes, but Julian is one of them."

Michael Garibaldi, Dining on Babylon 5, 2260

Julian Hermasillo was a restaurateur and great-grandchild of Hermes Hermasillo, founder of the multi-trillon credit Arterial Blockage chain of unhealthy eating establishments from the early 22nd Century.[1]

Following the early death of Hermes Hermasillo and several of his regulars from heart conditions resulting from dining at Arterial Blockage, it and similar establishments had been banned by the Earth Senate. However, in the early 2240s, realising that the original Senate law had only applied to Earth, Julian migrated to Cestus where he opened his own Arterial Blockage restaurant at the Fortune City mining colony serving such unhealthy meals as Jovian tubers, Zoon burgers and Traxian ale.