"We have been betrayed on nearly every level. And it is going to take the efforts of every loyal citizen to keep Earth safe--and ideologically pure."

Julie Musante

Julie Musante was a member of the Ministry of Peace, Nightwatch division, and briefly assigned as a political officer to Babylon 5.[1]


Julie Musante was a member of President Morgan Clark's administration. A high-ranking member of Nightwatch, a division of the Ministry of Peace, Musante vigorously defended Clark's new policies. Her mentality was effectively summed up in her own words, "Sometimes before you can solve a problem, you first have to redefine a problem."

In early 2260, she was sent to Babylon 5 to become the political officer for the station. Captain John Sheridan made it clear he had no intention of sharing his command. She assured him her role was strictly one for advice and consent. She has the captain take her to dinner to try and earn his trust. After dinner, she arranges to come back to his quarters and tried to seduce him. Sheridan managed to evade her advances.

The following day, Musante announced to the Nightwatch personnel on the station new Earth policies which would curtail some "traditional areas of free speech and association." Musante warned that the Earth Alliance was in grave peril, stating the government and military had been infiltrated by traitors at every level. She asks Zack Allan specifically to keep her informed of anything Captain Sheridan might leave out, a proposition he is not at all comfortable with.

When a copy of a transmission implicating President Clark in the death of his predecessor became public, Musante was recalled to Earth. Soon thereafter, the Earth Alliance Civil War broke out after Clark declared martial law.


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