The Babylon Project

"I am with them. Same group, different department. Think of me as a sort of middle man. And the name is Justin."


Justin was a human agent of the Shadows, one of the highest "ranked" servants working for them.[1]


Justin was a self-described "middle-man," likening himself to the people who "draw up the borders, control the currency, decide all the matters that happen transparently around us." Unlike every other agent of the Shadows seen, he served them not out of conditioning or self-interest, but out of a true belief in their philosophy of drawing strength from chaos.

His value to the Shadows lay not in any real concentration of authority, but an instinctual understanding of politics, both Human and interstellar; before being recruited by the Shadows, he was one of a hundred thousand similar bureaucrats and his life seemed utterly mundane – but trace galactic events back to their starting point and a disproportionate amount of them are connected with Justin. The decision to keep building Babylon stations after Babylon 2 was destroyed was won by a majority of only six votes in the Earth Alliance senate, and four of those six senators had been at a party also attended by Justin the week before. When IPX, the Psi Corps and EarthForce worked together to investigate the alien technology found on Mars, Justin was involved in setting up the shell companies used to hide this research. During Santiago’s election, the turning point in public opinion started with a rumour about Marie Crane, the opponent candidate – Justin did not start that rumour, but he passed it, turning it from an amusing anecdote going around EarthDome to a global phenomenon.

He was contacted by Morden in 2257, and was relocated to Z'ha'dum and coordinated the logistical and practical details of the efforts of the Shadows' human agents; his first decision as leader of the conspiracy of darkness was to approve the assassination of President Santiago and the ascension of President Clark.[2]

Following the Battle of Sector 83, Justin sent Anna Sheridan, who had been "reprogrammed" by the Shadows into a loyal servant, to Babylon 5 to bring back John Sheridan, Justin's "opposite number" leading the Army of Light. The Shadows knew that if they killed Sheridan it would only make him a martyr to his cause, so they hoped to turn him to their own purposes.

He was presumed killed when Sheridan crashed White Star 1 - carrying two thermonuclear warheads - into the Shadow capital.


  • Justin's sole appearance was in the episode "Z'ha'dum."
  • According to series creator J. Michael Straczynski, Justin was not a crew member of the IPX spacecraft Icarus and arrived on the planet at a different time than they did.
  • Justin is likely the so-called "man in between" mentioned in one of Sheridan's dreams (sent by Kosh) in the episode "All Alone in the Night." However, another possible candidate would be Lorien.
  • Justin is intended to be Sheridan's "equal and opposite." Rather than a popular war hero from the front lines, he is a quiet man no one knows of who works behind the scenes. Both men enjoy a fondness for tea, which they claim helps them sleep.