The Babylon Project

Minister Kafta was an ambassador from the Tzillari race.

In 2265, Kafta was one of several Interstellar Alliance dignitaries transported to the area of Beta Durani VII on board the Anla'Shok vessel Valen. After being informed of their destination, Kafta secretly sent a signal to the enemy, and they destroyed the Beta Durani VII colony and attacked the Valen. Kafta and the other dignitaries were jettisoned in lifepods from the Valen before that ship was destroyed ramming one of the enemy ships, and subsequently they were picked up by the other Anla'Shok ship accompanying the Valen, the Liandra.

Kafta was in league with an ancient race he referred to as The Hand. His people as a whole had apparently agreed to serve The Hand and joined the Interstellar Alliance as infiltrators. After his allegiance was found out, he explained that the ships attacking the Liandra were "toys given to those races which serve The Hand," even though those ships were capable of destroying entire colonies.

To Live and Die in Starlight

He was returned to the alien ship that was attacking the Liandra, strapped with explosives, and was killed in the explosion that engulfed the ship upon detonation.[1]