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"The Grey Council has betrayed us. What does a little blood matter now?"


Kalain was a Minbari and member of the Warrior Caste. He commanded the Tragati after Sineval committed suicide rather than surrender after the Battle of the Line.


During the Earth-Minbari War, Alyt Kalain was second-in-command of the Tragati, a Sharlin class warcruiser. As they prepared to snatch total victory during the Battle of the Line, the ship commanders were told to stop firing – the Minbari were surrendering to the Earth Alliance. Sineval, however, committed suicide rather than accept the surrender order. To honor him, Kalain and his crew likewise refused the surrender and, instead, chose to abandon the fleet and the Minbari Federation, becoming fugitives.

Kalain took command of the Tragati and remained on the run for twelve years. Finally, at the beginning of 2259, they learned that Captain John Sheridan, the hated "Starkiller" from the War, was being put in command of Babylon 5. He put a plan in motion where he went ahead to the station to fake an attempted assassination of Ambassador Delenn only to be caught by Sheridan. He would commit suicide while the Tragati threatened force and, upon the news, would start the war again, bringing honor to their cause.

Once Kalain arrived on the station, however, he was recognized by Coplann, a member of the Grey Council, who had come to warn the station about the Tragati. Kalain confronted Coplann, claiming the Grey Council betrayed the Minbari people and warned him to stay away. Kalain then headed to Green Sector, knocking out a security guard and stealing his PPG. He then broke into Delenn's quarters, though she was still inside a chrysalis at the time. Kalain then turned his attention to her aide, Lennier, who stood ready to defend Delenn. Security indeed interrupted him and he surrendered his weapon and underwent interrogation by Sheridan himself, though without giving any real answers.

Not long after, the Tragati jumped into Babylon 5's space, demanding the return of their commander. Kalain committed suicide as planned using a false tooth filled with poison. Kalain's plan would ultimately fail, as Sheridan did not take the bait and the Tragati was intercepted by another ship captained by Vastor. The Minbari in command decided to self-destruct the ship.[1]