Kane was a techno-mage and was part of the same initiation group as Galen. He is mentioned by name in Casting Shadows by Elizar, although it is clear Elizar thought little of the man.

In 2264 he leaves the techno-mage hiding place with Gwynn and Finian for Babylon 5 to study the Drakh for the technomages, presumably at the Circle's instruction. Their mandate was to observe and act only for mutual protection. Kane acts in accordance to the Circle's wishes when he destroys a Drakh Sleeper about to attack Vir Cotto, to prevent an assassination attempts of President Sheridan. [1] Later he exceeds his mandate, and becomes involved with Vir and the Centauri resistance to the Drakh. He reveals Mariel's duplicity (who really was a spy for Durla) to Vir. [2] Later Kane drags Finian and a reluctant Gwynn along with Vir, to investigate the Centauri dig at K0643. This leads to the facility where the Drakh are preparing Shadow Death Clouds to be used against Earth. Kane is killed by a Drakh spike gun, having given his life to protect Vir who destroys the Shadow Death Cloud. Kane and Gwynn are not surprised since he had a prophetic vision this would happen, an event which marked him as a powerful mage and destined for great things. [1]

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