Kell was a techno-mage and a member of The Circle. An adept in secrecy and misdirection, Kell's wisdom was the Wisdom of Wierden, as he could be traced back directly to her in the line of teachers and students, which he in turn passed to his apprentices Elizar and Razeel. Over the course of his long life Kell's accomplishments were legendary amongst the order, particularly the feeding of the drought victims of Viscus 4 and his great deception of the Drazi.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

By 2256 Kell began gathering evidence that the Shadows were returning. He had been gathering evidence, trying to discover their exact movements and figure out a way to combat their power. To test his apprentice, Elizar, he tempted him with knowledge of the Shadows returning. While a gross violation of the bond between teacher and apprentice, Kell's hope was that Elizar would be the one Techno-mage capable of facing the Shadows. Instead of fighting them, Elizar secretly became a pawn for them.

By late 2258 Kell knew for certain that the Shadows were returning, and wanted to be prepared and was concerned with the order keeping the Shadows a secret. He was often at odds with his fellow techno-mage, Blaylock.

He had great faith in Galen and offered to take part in Galen's initiation into the techno-mage order.

After the deaths of Burell and Isabelle and the discovery of rogue Techno-mages on Brensil 4, Kell disclosed to The Circle that he had prior knowledge of the Shadows returning as well as his part in Elizar's deception. On December 31, 2258, Kell resigned his position as head of the order, and left Soom.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most techno-mages, he had not shorn off his hair and wore a brilliant white goatee shaped into the Taratimude rune for knowledge.

References[edit | edit source]

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