The Babylon Project

"The truth is out of fashion."


Kendarr was a member of an unknown race in the Eridani Sector and part of a secret agency within their government.[1]

His agency had been lying to their people and fabricating false information about aliens in order to divert people's attention away from their domestic problems and prevent civil wars.

In 2267, he came aboard the Excalibur to take custody of two of his world's citizens in a situation that would lead to their execution. When Captain Gideon brought him to see them. Durkani took him hostage and threatened to kill him. While in their custody, he was remarkably unconcerned, unafraid and confident safely secure in that he knew the truth, which of course he did. After Gideon regained control of the situation and allowed the pair of them to leave, Kendarr remarked that if they told anyone about what they saw no one would believe them. Then, after Gideon demanded it, he told him the truth about everything saying he wanted them alive to further his agency’s plans. He then left in his own spaceship. It is not known what happen to him after Gideon relieved the truth to his people.


  • Kendarr, like both Lyssa and Durkani, spoke English very well. He also studied Earth culture very carefully.
  • Kendarr acquired a cigarette smoking habit from old Earth as well.