"We have no choice..."
– Kha'Mak

Kha'Mak was a Narn administrator prior to the Fall of Narn during the Narn-Centauri War. Kha'Mak was a follower of G'Quan.[1]


Operating from the Narn Homeworld, Kha'Mak served as a liaison between the Inner Circles of the Kha'Ri, the highest ruling body of the Narn Regime, and Ambassador G'Kar. When Centauri Emperor Turhan announced his intention to come to Babylon 5 in early 2259, G'Kar asked Kha'mak to relate to the First Circle a bold plan for him to personally assassinate him. After some deliberation, the First Circle had Kha'mak relay their endorsement of the plan and their suggestions for ensuring its success to G'Kar. However, Turhan collapsed on the station before G'Kar could strike. G'Kar relayed the news and his frustration to Kha'mak. Several hours later, Kha'mak learned of an apparent Centauri attack on a large Narn colony, Quadrant 14. He informed G'Kar using an open channel, knowing full well Babylon 5 itself and many others would pick up on the message. The attack would spark the Narn-Centauri War.[2]

After six months of fighting a losing war, the Narn Regime was finally beaten back to their homeworld. After dispatching the planet's defenses, the Centauri began four days of orbital bombardment. Kha'Mak survived the bombings in a secure bunker. Finally realizing they had to surrender, the Kha'Ri had Kha'mak deliver their last order to G'Kar. The order (which Kha'Mak called the "hardest thing [he'd] ever asked [G'Kar] to do") was for G'Kar to seek asylum on Babylon 5, which was given to the ambassador.[3]

As most of the Kha'Ri were executed following the surrender, Kha'Mak presumably lost his life as well.


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