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The Kha'Ri is the ruling council of the Narn Regime, composed of different levels called "circles."


The Kha'Ri was re-established on Narn following the end of the First Centauri occupation, in 2231.

In 2259, G'Kar petitioned the Kha'Ri for a plan to assassinate the Centauri Republic Emperor Turhan during his visit to Babylon 5. Via Kha'Mak, the Kha'Ri approved the plan. They would learn later that it was unnecessary.[1]

During the Second Centauri occupation of Narn, members of the Kha'Ri were subject to persecution, arrest and/or execution, with G'Kar safely on Babylon 5 under asylum granted by John Sheridan.

After the Centauri withdrawal from Narn in 2261 the Kha'Ri was reformed, though initially sole leadership of the Regime was offered to Citizen G'Kar. Later in 2262 G'Kar's popularity and status as a living religious icon had grown to such a degree that members of the Kha'Ri insisted that G'Kar return to Narn to either rule or officially bless the Kha'Ri to rule in his name. It even went so far as involving the ISA's chief medical officer, Dr. Franklin, in delivering their request and later when G'Kar again declined they threatened to boycott the Alliance unless the leadership forced him to leave Babylon 5. Still unwilling to become an idol or benevolent dictator, G'Kar left Babylon 5, leaving Ta'Lon as his successor as Ambassador to Narn while he went out on a journey beyond known space.


The Kha'Ri is made up of eight circles, each with a specific function and degree of authority.

  • First Circle: The Ruling Circle consists of eight Narn ruling the entire regime including all colonies and outposts as well as Narn itself.
  • Second Circle: The Advisory Circle consists of two advisers for every counselor in the first circle, totaling sixteen.
  • Third Circle: The Diplomatic Circle consists of twelve ambassadors who divide their time between their ambassadorial posts and Kha'Ri sessions on the homeworld.
  • Fourth Circle: The Military Circle consists of the most senior generals of the Narn Forces.
  • Fifth & Sixth Circles: Consists of continental and regional governments from the homeworld and the military leaders of the Regime's outposts and colonies.
  • Seventh & Eighth Circles: The Scholars Circle is responsible for the histories and traditions of the Narn people.

Known Members[]

(Prior to the Narn surrender in 2259)

(Following the reformation in 2261)

  • Councillor Na'Farl, First circle.
  • Councillor D'Paur, First circle.
  • G'Ryka, First circle.