The Babylon Project

Lord Kiro was a Centauri dignitary who sought The Eye of the Centauri people and planned on ascending the throne of the Centauri Republic.


Kiro was a member of a very old noble house, one that had first occupied the royal throne of the newly founded Centauri Republic In 1258. On his first birthday, his aunt, Lady Ladira (the seer of his family) predicted he would one day be killed by "Shadows." Kiro never took the prophecy seriously, believing she meant actual shadows.

In 2258, he secretly supplied transport times and routes of civilian transport ships to the Raiders, human pirates whom he hoped would aid him in staging a coup. When The Eye, a valuable symbol of the Centauri Republic is found and acquired on Babylon 5, Kiro is asked to go to the station and receive it from Ambassador Londo Mollari. Kiro hints at his plan to claim the throne to Mollari, who warns him that even suggesting such a thing openly is dangerous now.

Kiro then stages his own kidnapping and the theft of the Eye by the Raiders. He departed the station in his personal liner. After he was safely aboard a Raider mothership (and after the First Battle of Babylon 5 came to pass) the mothership created its own jump-point and escaped.

His plans, however, would quickly disintegrate. First the Raiders told him they had no intention of helping him start a revolution. Instead, they planned on selling back the Eye and ransoming him to the Centauri Republic, then promising they would blackmail him for his part in the Eye's theft and plan to overthrow the current government for the rest of his life. However, the ship is then destroyed by a Shadow vessel, fulfilling Ladira's prophecy.[1]