The Babylon Project

Kiron Maray was a Centauri male in the Centauri Republic from a minor noble family. His cousin was Vir Cotto.

In 2258, Maray's family arranged for him to marry a Centauri noble, however, he had claimed she was "the ugliest woman on Centauri Prime." He had fallen in love and wished to marry a different woman, Aria Tensus, who herself was also engaged – to a man old enough to be her grandfather. Maray decided to travel to Babylon 5, where his cousin Cotto, who told him he was the ambassador there, was living. He hoped Cotto would be able to help them. The pair fled Centauri Prime on the liner Carbo using stolen credit chips. They made it, but were taken into custody immediately upon arrival. Commander Sinclair turned both of them over to Ambassador Londo Mollari, who criticized them for their "radical" desire to be married for love instead of duty.

While on the station, both Kiron and Aria were attacked by members of the Homeguard, a radical anti-alien group. Aria suffered minor injuries, but Kiron was seriously wounded and left in a coma. Aria insisted on staying at his side in Medlab. Kiron managed to recover, awakening only a day later.

Londo and Vir met Aria and Kiron in Medlab, where Londo explained that as soon as Kiron was well enough to travel, they would return to Centauri Prime. However, they would not be returning to their families, but rather they would be met by Londo's second cousin, Andilo Mollari, who will take them into a period of fosterage in his family. Londo explains that his family will certainly not refuse such an honor. They will live with him for a few years, and he will eventually give them permission to marry whom they choose – even if they still choose one another. Aria and Kiron are overjoyed at the news.[1]