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"I don't take drinks from airboys"


Private Kleist, was a member of the Earthforce Marine Corps.


A known trouble maker, Kleist had a reputation in his unit for messing up and was often seen with fellow trouble makers Romano and Martin.

In 2259, Kleist served in the 356th Infantry Division under General Richard Franklin and was despatched to Babylon 5, ostensibly as relief troops for Io, but in reality headed for the planet Sh'lassen planet Akdor as a part of Operation Sudden Death.

While on the station, a very drunk Kleist, along with Martin and Romano accosted Ambassador Delenn, offended by her human hair but was stopped in his tracks by Private First Class Durman who diverted Kleist with a fist to the jaw until the fight was broken up by Sergeant Major Plug. Kleist would again start a fight later on in Earhart's when Warren Keffer made him spill his drink.

Kleist was killed in action on Akdor alongside Private Yang and P.F.C.s Turnbow and Durman while assaulting the rebel stronghold at Matok.

Kleist's name tag was misspelled as "Kliest".[1]