Knight One (real name unknown) worked for a covert Earth organization. In 2258 he, along with Knight Two, kidnapped Jeffrey Sinclair to find out exactly what occurred in the time that Sinclair blacked out during the Battle of the Line. Knight One was responsible for assembling and maintaining the virtual reality device Knight Two would use to probe Sinclair's mind.

Unable to smuggle aboard a sufficient power source, Knight One bribed Security officer Frank Benson to acquire on the station. Knight One paid him the money, but failed to deliver on his false promise of arranging a transfer for Benson. When Benson later came back and forced his way past Knight One, he discovered Sinclair trapped in the Knights' machine – only to be promptly shot and killed by Knight One, who then dumped his body out of a nearby airlock.

Sinclair managed to escape from the machine, causing a feedback that scrambled Knight Two's memory. Knight One pursued Sinclair out into the Zócalo, where he was shot and killed by Sinclair.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit


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