"Command-- Commander Sinclair. There's... There's something in my head. It says... maybe you're still inside. Maybe we're both still inside."

Knight Two to Sinclair just before he's taken away

Knight Two (real name unknown) worked for a covert Earth organization.


In 2258 he, along with Knight One, kidnapped Jeffrey Sinclair to find out exactly what occurred in the time that Sinclair blacked out during the Battle of the Line. They planned to use a virtual reality device to trap Sinclair and provoke him with images in order to break him and force him to remember. The working theory was that the Minbari realized they could avoid costs in the battle by instead invading Earth through covert means, using agents such as Sinclair who might betray Earth to save their own lives.

They boarded Babylon 5 and Knight One handled most of the technical work. They kidnapped Sinclair while asleep, and Knight Two met him in the virtual reality as he woke. Knight Two started his interrogation and eventually accused Sinclair of being a traitor – laying out his theory. Sinclair rebuked Knight Two's claims, nevertheless, hints of what really happened did surface. Sinclair remembered the words of the Minbari Assassin, and remembered being in a dark room with grey figures, one of which struck him with a weapon. It proved that he was at least on the Minbari vessel that he intended to ram.

Before Knight Two could process this information, however, Sinclair was able to break out of the device and strike Knight Two, seated next to him. His brain was subsequently scrambled from the action and he was found by security and Stephen Franklin. Earthforce quickly came in contact with the station and ordered him taken back to Earth. Sinclair tried to ask him some questions as he was taken away, but he was in a seemingly very confused state.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit


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