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|name=Ko D'Ath
|name=Ko D'Ath

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Ko D'Ath was a Narn who briefly served as G'Kar's attache.


Ko D'Ath was G'Kar's first, short-lived ambassadorial assistant. She arrived earlier than G'Kar expected, eager to begin her assignment. Aggressive and very serious about her duties, she did not tolerate much foolishness. When Londo Mollari failed consistently to show up to negotiate the Euphrates Treaty, he eventually sent Vir Cotto to negotiate in his stead. G'Kar, insulted by the gesture, declared that Ko D'Ath would in turn operate in his place. Ko D'Ath is delighted about the opportunity, but G'Kar admonishes her with the same warning Londo gave Vir not to "give away the homeworld." [1]

She died in an "airlock accident" shortly after arriving on the station in 2258. [2]


Ko D'Ath was portrayed by Mary Woronov. Intended to be a regular character, Woronov could not cope with the extensive make-up and prosthetic requirements, necessitating her character's replacement.


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