Kosh's ship is the Vorlon transport that belonged to - and was bonded to - Ambassador Kosh. It brought him to Babylon 5 in January, 2257, and remained with him until his death in 2261.


Like other Vorlon ships, Kosh's transport was a part of him. The ship was alive, similar to other examples of Vorlon technology.


The transport brought Ambassador Kosh to Babylon 5 on January 4th, 2257.[1]

During his time on the station, the transport resided in Bay 13. The bay is reserved exclusively for the ambassador. Because of the strange goings-on surrounding the vessel, the crew members refused to come down to the bay anymore. As a result, station personnel had to put the system on auto-maintenance. Beyond the times where Kosh would go to and return from his homeworld, the ship sat undisturbed.

In August, 2259, Captain Sheridan had Commander Ivanova take him to Bay 13, having finally given into his curiosity about the ambassador's ship. This surprises Garibaldi, as no one besides the ambassador ever goes down there. Sheridan marvels at how advanced the Vorlons must be. When he steps too close, he is warned away by the ship; an extending probe rises out of the hull, shining a laser at him. Garibaldi explains the general fear of the ship to the captain; the maintenance workers who used to be assigned to the bay kept claiming that the ship "talked to them" in their sleep. They quickly left the bay, and Kosh emerged from a hiding place nearby and communicates something with the ship.

When the command staff were helping Everett Jacobs escape from Earthforce agents sent by President Clark, they stumbled on the idea of hiding him inside the ship. The only way Kosh would allow a human aboard his ship is in a medically-induced coma. The ambassador takes the ship off-station, Jacobs in tow. Under orders from Agent-in-Charge Derek Cranston, they scan the ship, detecting only one lifeform. As it turns out, the lifeform they detected was neither Jacobs nor the ambassador, but the ship itself. When they recovered Jacobs from the ship and revived him, he was no worse for the wear and even claimed that the ship sang to him.[2]

In early 2260, Lyta Alexander arrived on the station via Kosh's ship. After explaining that she had traveled to the Vorlon Homeworld, she stated that she would be working for Ambassaador Kosh from then on.[3] To date, she remains one of only two humans known for traveling in a Vorlon transport.[4]

Later that same year, after Kosh agreed to bring the Vorlons into direct conflict with the Shadows. In retribution, Morden brought several of the Shadows onto the station to attack Kosh in his quarters. The Vorlon Empire and Sheridan are instantly aware of his death. At their request, the command staff places the remains of Kosh's encounter suit. The ship, honoring its owner one last time, flew away from the station and into the star of Epsilon Eridani.[5]

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