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"One cannot build a palace on a foundation of mud, the mud must be treated, crafted into a foundation upon which greatness can be created."

The Writings of Emperor Kran

Kran was an Emperor of the Centauri Republic who succeeded Emperor Turis during a period of great transition in the Republic.[1]


Kran's reign was a short one, barely a footnote in Centauri history. He came to the throne following the passing of Emperor Turis, a weak-willed ruler who left the Centauri Houses more fractured than ever, in an escalating fight for power and influence that threatened to become an out-and-out blood bath.[1] In 2160 Kran was assassinated by a common man by the name of Tuk Maroth while the Emperor was leading the heads of the Centauri Noble Houses on a tour of the poorer areas of Centauri Prime in an effort to change their attitudes towards the poor and to curb their constant infighting.[2]

In late 2262, as part of the restoration efforts on Centauri Prime following the end of the Centauri War, a gallery of art and statues dedicated to past Emperors was assembled in the Centauri Royal Palace and included a small bust of Kran that was easily the smallest in the collection.[1]