The Babylon Project

An unnamed planet (titled Kulan's homeworld for lack of a better descriptor) was a habitable planet. It once was home to an advanced civilization, but by 2267 the entire planet appeared to be uninhabited.

During the First Shadow War, the race that inhabited the planet was attacked by the "Dark Ones", when they refused to allow a base to be built on their world. The "Dark Ones" released a strain of the same plague that infected Earth in late 2266. The race studied the plague virus for three years before deciding to put their entire race into suspended animation. One person was brought out of suspended animation to take care of the machines and continue the tests on the aliens. 500 people had died in that service by 2267.[1]


Due to no on-screen reference to the name of the planet which appeared in this episode, the name of the only mentioned character native to this planet is used.