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"Kulan's race" was an unnamed alien species native to an unnamed world.

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During the First Shadow War, the race was attacked by the "Dark Ones", when they were refused to allow a base to be built on their world. The "Dark Ones" released a strain of the same plague that infected Earth in late 2266. It similarly needed five years to develop to their species type before being fully lethal.

The race studied the plague virus for three years before deciding to put their entire race into suspended animation. Massive underground chambers were set up to host the cryostasis tubes. One person was brought out of suspended animation to take care of the machines and continue the tests on the aliens. Each Caretaker lived out their remaining two years before needing to resuscitate a replacement. 500 people had died in that service by 2267.

The testing that was done by the Caretaker was done on unsuspecting alien visitors lured in by deviously placed attractions. The buildings are maintained, despite their lack of use (in preparation for their inevitable need). But open graffiti was added to the walls suggesting advance technology would be forthcoming but the scientific formulas were all incomplete. The tactic was to keep visitors distracted and occupied while drones captured victims for vivisection so that the Caretaker would be able to study the body parts for information to use to cure the plague.

In 2267 the Excalibur visited the planet hoping that the formulas would present a cure for the disease, unaware that the planet was still inhabited and the rouse about to be sprung. With the aide of Techno-mage Galen they were able to find the Caretaker and communicate with him. Upon learning of his own plight Captain Gideon promised to share any medical information they learn against the plague, but he also destroyed the armed drones that Kulan, the Caretaker at the time, used to capture orbiting starships and individual victims, to prevent any other aliens to be hurt.[1]


  • Due to no on-screen reference to the name of the race which appeared in this episode, the name of the only mentioned character of this race is used.