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"The future is always changing. We create the future with our words, our deeds, and our beliefs."

Lady Ladira

Lady Ladira was a Centauri Seer and the aunt of Lord Kiro.


As a Seer, Ladira was the prophetess of Kiro's House. On her nephew's first birthday she predicted that he would one day be killed by "shadows." Mistaking the vision for a literal shadow, Kiro took no heed to her warnings.

In 2258, Ladira accompanied Kiro to Babylon 5 where he was supposed to recover The Eye, a great symbol of the Centauri Republic recently discovered and acquired for the Republic by Londo Mollari. As soon as she came aboard, Ladira was overwhelmed with a vision of the station's destruction, fainting in the customs area. While at the station, Kiro was kidnapped by Raiders and subsequently killed by a Shadow vessel while on board the Raider mothership, fulfilling the prophecy. Ladira was able to sense the moment of his death.

Despite the station surviving the First Battle of Babylon 5, Ladira's vision about the station's destruction persisted. She was able to share part of it with Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, warning him that it was a possible future. [1]

The possible future described by Ladira did not come to pass. [2] However, elements of the vision became a reality. [3]