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Lavell was a ranking member of the Minbari Religious clan the Third Fane of Chudomo.

As many Minbari were, upon hearing that Babylon 5 had come under the command of Sheridan the "Starkiller", Lavell and many of his clan elders were outraged. They formulated a plan that would remove Sheridan from his command and by mid-2259 they were ready to act. Lavell was to provoke him into killing him and a witness was instructed to lie about what really happen. As the plan went, Lavell paid a human thief to steal Sheridan's comlink so that he would chase him down and bump into Lavell, where upon Lavell would attack him then which Sheridan would find a conveniently placed weapon to use. Everything went as planned and Sheridan shot and killed him with it sacrificing himself as a "martyr" to ruin Sheridan.[1]


  • It's unclear of which of the three castes Lavell is a member. It is said that he is of Chudomo (a religious clan) though when he attacks Sheridan he's wearing the garb of a Minbari warrior. It's likely that he was simply wearing a warrior's uniform as part of the ruse to provoke Sheridan, though it's never directly addressed in dialogue.