"That does seem to be the rule doesn't it? Analyze the problem, choose whatever strategy makes least sense and then do it."

Doctor Lazarenn commenting on the fear and hysteria created by the plague.

Lazarenn was a Markab doctor and an old friend of Stephen Franklin.[1]


Funny HumanEdit

Dr. Lazarenn met Dr. Franklin on his home planet when Franklin was on layover whilst hitchhiking on starships. Trading his services for free passage from system to system, he admired his willingness to learn and explore the unknown. Lazarenn found the human to be funny and from that point on, the two were friends, working together on several occasions. He remarked in later years, that everything to Franklin was a test and problem to be solved.

The "Dark Angel of Drafa" ReturnsEdit

In 2259, the ancient and once thought extinct Drafa Plague spread to Markabs on Babylon 5. Dr. Lazarenn was one of the few Markabs to recognize it for what it was and worked on finding a cure. When the station's authorities began to find out about it, the Markab government refused to publicly acknowledge it for fear of being voted out of office, nor were the local Markabs very helpful either. It soon fell to he and Dr. Franklin to find a cure. After Franklin finds out about the spread of the disease and the lack of active research toward a cure he is astonished. He questions his friend and Lazarenn answers that his government did not provide him with the money or resources to find a cure and no other doctors were assigned to help him. Further, he says that his government ordered him to keep quiet even though he begged them to let him enlist other assistance. With no else willing to do so and the need for more information about the disease, Lazarenn volunteers to enter the Isolab alone and examine an infected body and perform an autopsy. He soon becomes ill with the plague himself and provides insights to Franklin about the disease's pathology from within the isolab. While violence and fear rack the station, Lazarenn and Dr. Franklin work harder and harder but come up short. Inevitably, he becomes infected and dies but not before he tells Franklin where to look for answers. While this idea would lead to a cure, Franklin would find it too late to save any of Lazarenn's people, either on the station or on their homeworld. After Lazarenn's death, Franklin was shaken and his problems with stims continue to grow afterwards.


  • The Markab doctor Dr. Franklin refers to in ("Knives") is almost certainly Lazarenn.