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Project Lazarus was part of Earthforce's cyber experiments initiated during the late 2230s.[1]

After the early experiments found that Humans couldn't function with machines in their brains, Lazarus began using subjects on the verge of death such as accident victims, wounded soldiers and coma patients. The running theory was to hardwire the subject's brain with a computer intelligence that kept the brain functional while the body was surgically repaired. After this a telepathic deep-scan would fixate the subject on the moment of their death, shutting down all conscious thought and allowing the computer to exert complete control while the subconscious is dying over and over again. The computer's power crystal emits a low level of a benign ironium radiation that, while not normally detectable by nominally configured environmental scanners, could be used to track a Lazarus subject.

Officially the project was shut down in 2239, but was secretly continued by the clandestine Bureau 13. In 2258 Abel Horn's body was recovered following his death during the Mars Rebellion. Thirteen oversaw his "recruitment" into Project Lazarus and in March 2259 she coordinated with Control to smuggle Horn onto Babylon 5 to assassinate FutureCorp chief executive Taro Isogi and Mars Provisional Government representative Amanda Carter before travelling to Mars to cripple Free Mars from the inside. Isogi was successfully terminated but the Unit was unable to complete the mission and was destroyed before it could leave the station for Mars.

Apocrypha[edit | edit source]

Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.
  • The Psi Corps fact book written by Mongoose Publishing states that the Lazarus technology originally came from captured examples of Dilgar equipment. They were intended to use to create superior soldiers but failed whereupon the Lazarus cyborgs fell into the hands of the Psi Corps who used such subjects as guards within their secret facilities.

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