Two Minbari Ranger trainees visit the station, Garibaldi investigates Lockley's background, and Zack investigates a murder in Down Below.



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Delenn summons two of the Anla'Shok's elders to Babylon 5, while a new arrival in Down Below attempts to consolidate control of the underworld.

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A new underworld boss tries to take control of Down Below. When Tannier, a Ranger trainee, interferes with the criminals' plans to assassinate Zack, he is gravely wounded. Delenn refuses to allow station security to pursue the attackers - as part of his training, Tannier himself must confront them, and learn the use of terror.

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Garibaldi's suspicions about Lochley continue to grow. Meanwhile, Garibaldi wants more information on Lochley's background...and so does Delenn, who suspects that there may be more to Lochley's relationship with Sheridan than anyone is letting on.

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In response to the attack on Tannier, several Rangers come to the station and locate the underworld boss and his group. They take out the group and leave Tannier, partially recovered, to face the boss alone.

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The Rangers watch, with the two elders providing instructions to the other Ranger apprentices during the battle. Tannier defeats the boss, who is taken into custody by security.

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The episode ends with Sheridan revealing to Delenn about his relationship with Lochley, though what that relationship is remains unsaid on screen.

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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