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"This great war must be stopped before it starts...or millions of lives will be lost."

Lenonn to Delenn

Lenonn was the leader of the Anla'Shok in 2245.


Lenonn served in the Anla'Shok for decades, eventually rising to lead the organization. Over the years, the Rangers had been seen as little more than an embarrassment by the Warrior Caste. In fact, their funding and personnel had been greatly reduced. In 2245, Lenonn requested more support for the Anla'Shok from the Warrior Caste, citing Valen's prophecy that the Shadows would soon start another war. This request was denied. The Warrior Caste's messenger, Callier, made it clear that the Caste Elders felt that the Rangers were an unnecessary burden, and did not believe the prophecies. Further, he told Lenonn that if he forced the issue by going to the Grey Council directly he might lose the little support he had left. Believing in the prophecies of Valen, Lennon felt that the time had come when the Rangers were the most needed, so he requested to take his case before the Grey Council. A group from the Council came in the middle of night and collected him.

After Lenonn's audience with the Grey Council, Delenn and Dukhat were able to persuade the other Satai to visit Z'ha'dum to determine if the Shadows had begun moving, as prophesied. This expedition would lead to the disastrous first contact between Minbari and humans, sparking the Earth-Minbari War.[1]

Lenonn would also develop a friendship with Delenn after these events. Lenonn exactly recreated the sanctuary of Dukhat aboard the Grey Council's ship, including bringing two Vorlons aboard; allowing only himself and Delenn access.

The two agreed that the war was out of control and that it needed to end. They decried it as genocide, and Lennon accused the Warrior Caste of cowardice, saying that they slaughtered defenseless humans because they feared to fight the Shadows and possibly lose. 

He and Delenn agreed that Lenonn himself would meet a delegation of humans and open negotiations. It was agreed that the other Minbari leaders would respect Lennon's decision and abide by it. To this end, Lenonn would later have his Rangers initiate contact with the Narn Regime to arrange a secret meeting with Earth Alliance representatives to discuss a peaceful end to the war. The meeting took place in the Epsilon System, though was cut short when the site was attacked from orbit. Lenonn died from his injuries before the other Minbari came looking for him, resulting in an escalation in the conflict. When his body was brought aboard the Minbari cruiser that came searching for him, Delenn, hooded and wearing her Grey Council robes, soberly acknowledged her friend's death and received the message Lennon had given to one of the captured EA representatives, speaking to him in English. After hearing the message, Delenn surprised the other Minbari around her by ordering the prisoners released, saying there had been enough death that day. 

After his death, Sech Turval became the new Anla'Shok Na.