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Leonard Anderson was a Human male who served as an officer in Earthforce during the dawn of the Third Age of mankind. As a Captain, Anderson commanded the EAS Charon during and after the Earth Alliance Civil War, where he remained on the side of Clark's regime. Anderson died aboard the Victory in 2266 protecting Earth from the Drakh controlled Death Cloud.


Leonard Anderson was the son of a conductor of electric train in the old United States. Both parents were killed in a car crash when he was fourteen. Without near relatives, he moved to New York City, finding a work in a commercial spaceship, the ''City of Birmingham'', which do the Earth-Io-Europa run.

After much work, he obtained work as a steward. Then he jnew the Kentucky's senator, William Jeshke, and despite Leonard's distaste of the politician, the last one established a scholar for him. This allowed him to study in the Kentucky, where he was a Phi Beta Kappa, and had obtained a doctorate in astrophysics from Darmouth.Later, he enlisted in Earthforce. By the start of the Earth Alliance Civil War, Anderson was an officer in command of an Omega-class destroyer named EAS Charon as of 2261. During the war, Anderson and his crew had a chance to join John Sheridan's resistance movement, but elected to remain on Clark's side. Years later, after the war had ended, Anderson would lament to Sheridan himself that he and his crew regretted the decision.

In 2266, Anderson began having disturbing dreams of a dead world, and the faces of John Sheridan, Dureena Nafeel, and a Drazi nammed Ni'im. Realizing that the dreams meant something, Anderson ignored orders and made way for Babylon 5, where he met with Sheridan, Nafeel and Elizabeth Lochley. While there, Anderson agreed to assist Sheridan in a plan to stop a Drakh attack of Earth, and took the Charon to the docks where the Excalibur and Victory were located.

In 2267, he took command of the Victory and fought during the Battle of Daltron 7. Captain Anderson died when the Victory was destroyed with all hands by the Drakh controlled Death Cloud in orbit around Earth.[1]


By the time of its death, Leonard had a wife, Lynne Anderson, and a little daughter, Sarah Anderson.


  • Leonard was said to be a skilled player on the five-string banjo.