The Liandra was an Anla'Shok attack ship of Minbari origin.


Built around 2245, the lines and colors of the Liandra are representative of the Shu-Nali sense of design. By 2265, the ship had been through two wars and four crews, and the years of repeated battle damage had taken their toll.

In March of 2265, the Liandra went missing for over a week and when it was eventually found the ship was heavily damage and all the crew on board were dead. An encrypted message later discovered on the ship's computer, under the password "Entil'Zha" revealed that the crew suffocated following an attack. The dying crewman claimed there was a traitor among the crew that had sold them out, though he did not see his face.

Following the Liandra's recovery and return to Minbar, it gained something of a reputation as a cursed ship as it was repaired back up to an operational status. A short time later, Ranger David Martell, former Shok-nali of the Enfali was given command of the Liandra, following a disciplinary concerning his order to stand down from battle after the Enfali was crippled by Raiders.

The Liandra was immediately chosen by Shok-na Tannier to act as escort his ship, the Valen on what was thought to be a milk run transporting a delegation of ISA diplomats, including Citizen G'Kar to Beta Durani VII. As soon as the two ships exited hyperspace the Valen was ambushed by Hand Servitor vessels. Tannier ordered the diplomats into the Life pods and rammed the attackers in order to give the Liandra a chance to rescue the diplomats and escape.

With its jump engines down, the Liandra was eventually able to reach the nearest jumpgate and return to Minbar. After a full refit, the Liandra again departed Minbar to assume normal mission assignment, beginning with dropping G'Kar off on Babylon 5 to attend a security conference.[1]